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A Simple SailorA Simple Sailor

A Factual Account of a Lifetime at Sea

by Captain Mike Reeder

Published 18th November 2013

Price: £15.00 + £4.00 P&P

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This book is dedicated to the Royal Navy of the 20th Century, in thanks for the excellent training and for the opportunities to visit so many countries and meet so many highly interesting people from so many walks of life.

A Simple Sailor - A Lifetime at Sea


“A life on the ocean wave for a ‘Simple Sailor’ “A former warship commander, born in Campbeltown, has written a book about his lifetime at sea and his various maritime experiences. “Captain Mike Reeder has dedicated his book – ‘A Simple Sailor’ – to the Royal Navy, which he says not only gave him excellent training but also the opportunity to visit more than 60 countries and meet so many interesting people from all walks of life. “He served in the Korean War and then became a submariner joining the submarines ‘Andrew’ and ‘Scotsman’ based at Rothesay. From there they spent much time at Loch Goil, Arrochar, Loch Fyne and Troon. He then commanded five warships and took part in the Malayan and Aden emergencies before leaving the Royal Navy and joining the Merchant Navy as a Master Mariner. “He later started the Mike Reeder School of Seamanship which offers personal tuition anywhere in Europe – enabling him to continue his life at sea which he has described with much light-hearted humour. “Many of his customers come from the Clyde area and have been frequently seen cruising the Kyles of Bute, the Cumbraes, Lower Loch Fyne and visiting the marinas or harbours of Largs, Rothesay, Kip Marina, Loch Long, Tarbert and Portavadie. - LARGS AND MILLPORT WEEKLY NEWS

“‘A Simple Sailor’ by Captain Mike Reeder. Grosvenor House in paperback – ISBN 978178148652. RRP £15.00. This book is a personal thank you to the Royal Navy for their excellent training and for the opportunity to visit many countries, meet many fascinating people from so many walks of life. In the early days, the author volunteered to participate in the Korean War, the Malayan and Aden conflicts. The overall training and experience enabled him to later join the Merchant Navy and start up the UK’s first School of Seamanship, thus continuing a life at sea which he has attempted to describe factually with much light-hearted humour.”- PENNANT MAGAZINE

“A fine, entertaining record of life in the post-world war two Royal Navy, from entering Dartmouth as a 13 year old, including service and surface ships and submarines, together with later motor boating experiences. A good read.” – MCLAREN BOOKS